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Modern dance is a style of theatrical dance that emphasizes impulses and emotions while forcing the dancer to use their primitive instincts.

Through modern, the body becomes an instrument of free expression in which the movements derive from inner feelings.

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Hip Hop has become Dance For Life’s niche. It is a street dance style which is primarily performed to hip-hop music. It includes a wide range of styles but at Dance For Life, it is a confidence builder.

Through Hip-Hop, our young dancers learn the art of accepting and exteriorizing themselves .

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Acrobatics is a spectacular showy performance or demonstration involving great agility or complexity.

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Our Pre-K Ballet introduces our young dancers to the fundamentals of classical ballet, focusing on proper body alignment, basic ballet technique and terminology, and musicality.

As a part of the Dance For Life Family, your energetic child will learn much more than ballet. Exposure to dance reinforces important life skills like creativity, discipline, and team participation—all in safe and fun, family environment.

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At Dance For Life, the Ballroom classes are un and interactive partner dancing courses.

Through technique and rhythm, ballroom exemplifies core elements of dance such as control and cohesiveness.

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Folklore dance is an expression of our very culture, a palette of various rhythms through which our history transcends.

The dances are executed on the sounds of live drums while the dancer relates to the Haitian afro-roots.

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